IPC and the FunkyiPuppets

Present Symphony 2

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is IPC and the FunkyiPuppets?

A: IPC, also known as IPaintCreatures, is the author and illustrator of Symphony 2. He is also the director and scriptwriter for the FunkyiPuppets (FIP), which is currently a cartoon audio theater troupe. The FunkyiPuppets will transition into being a puppet troupe once puppets are made.

Q: What will be in Symphony 2?

A: This book will include stories, poems, and artwork of Yokai creatures from the world of MATSU. This book will also showcase members of the FunkyiPuppets.

Q: What is the estimated delivery date?

A: To Be Determined. Symphony 2 book will start production once $5,000 are raised to cover expenses.

Q: What is this crowdsourcing funding?

A: Production of Symphony 2 book and FIP puppets

Q: Is there any risk of an unsuccessful campaign?

A: No. IPC had a successful campaign for the first Symphony book

Q: How often should updates be expected?

A: Whenever there are milestones, delays, and new information

Q: Where do I submit any questions I have about the campaign?

A: Email funkyipuppets@gmail.com