IPC and the FunkyiPuppets

Present Symphony 2

Symphony 2 Updates


This marks the beginning of the Symphony 2 crowdsourcing campaign! We, IPC and the FunkyiPuppets, are in the process of storyboarding what will be in the actual book. Stories, poems, and art of different Yokai clans will be showcased. Individual bios of the FunkyiPuppets will be featured in this book as well. If you don't have the first Symphony book, you can find out how to order it through direct.me/ipaintcreatures. Symphony includes the history of the MATSU, Making Art Together Supporting Unity, and creature refuge oddly named 96542. Well, that is all for now! See you guys in the next update!


We are back for another update! The art is in the process of being penciled and inked. Thank you for those who pledged so far, the book will be FUNKIFIED! For those who have not gotten the first Symphony book, check out how to order through direct.me/ipaintcreatures before they sell out. Until next time, todeloo!!